Relief vs. Correction

We live in a world that is constantly putting stress on our bodies.Some stress is good; like wind on a new tree, it strengthens the tree, encouraging it to grow strong. Stress is good to a point.Imagine that same tree in a hurricane or tornado. Destruction is often the result. Likewise, too much stress on an individual can alter the normal body functions causing it to function abnormally. Most times an abnormally functioning body will produce symptoms…i.e., PAIN! I know it is hard to say but Halleluiah! Pain is our friend! It is the God given mechanism for knowing that something is wrong, something in our body is malfunctioning. It is the warning light in our car telling us the engine is overheating, or the window washer fluid is low. Symptoms are a signal to us that something must be addressed if we are to correct a problem and allow our body systems to function the way they were designed to.

Naturally, our first response is for the pain to go away, (I know that pain is something that I don’t enjoy in the least). Obviously, pain reduction should be a goal. Once again, it is the bodies warning light to us. The problem arises when we simple try to cover the symptom so that we feel better without addressing the condition the body is trying to tell us about. Again, using the car warning system analogy, the flashing warning light (pain), can be masked by removing the bulb in the warning light. You no longer have to deal with the flashing light, but I ask you, what have we done to correct the problem the warning light was trying to tell us about?

Currently there are many prescription and over the counter medicines that can lessen and mask the symptoms we experience. By in large, we as a people have become errant in our methodology of simply trying to feel better, often without addressing the problem that has caused the symptom. Think about it…headaches caused from spinal stress…pop a few aspirin.Low back pain…pop a couple of muscle relaxers. Asthma… few puffs on the inhaler should do! But are these treatments addressing the CAUSE of the symptom? Most times they are NOT!

Many of the conditions we suffer with are caused by an improperly functioning nervous system. The Doctor of Chiropractic works with the nervous system-both directly and indirectly-because every function of your entire body is under the control of this system. Organs, tissues and cells are controlled by nerve impulses traveling from your brain to every part of your body. Nerves make possible physical movement as they transmit nerve messages to the muscles, bones and joints. Nerves transmit sensations to the brain. Nerves make possible sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Nerves maintain your balance and keep your body at a normal 98.6°. Nerves make it possible to swallow. Nerves make your bowels move. Nerves control your liver, lungs, heart, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys. Nerves control circulation of blood. In fact, as you can see, your nervous system is the master control center for all other body systems… Glandular, reproductive, digestive, eliminative, respiratory and circulatory. Complete, perfect, natural health cannot occur unless you have a complete, perfect, natural, normally functioning nervous system.

Every science of healing has what is known as an “avenue of approach”. The Doctor of Chiropractic’s “avenue of approach” is primarily the SPINE, because it houses and protects the spinal cord, the switchboard of the nervous system, through which nerves pass from the brain as they carry nerve impulses to the various parts of the body. Nerves branch off the spinal cord through openings between the movable spinal bones or vertebrae. When these vertebrae, along with the discs between them, become involved in the vertebral subluxation complex (VCS) there can be interference with the normal activity of the nervous system. This interference may disturb normal function of some nerves in the body and cause many different conditions. THIS (in many cases) IS THE CAUSE that MUST be addressed for the CORRECTION of many of our conditions. With CORRECTION of the condition SYMPTOMS (i.e. PAIN) will be lessened or eliminated. This is the BEST way to feel better and STAY better!

Symptom relief is good, but correction of the problem causing the condition and the symptoms is better. Don’t just MASK the PAIN, CORRECT the CAUSE first and the body will do the rest!

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I had my first massage from Patrick yesterday following my adjustment. It was the best massage I had ever had. He targeted areas that were giving me significant discomfort. These areas are directly related to the areas the doctor is adjusting. I felt the best I had felt in a long time when I walked out of their clinic. Thank you Patrick and Dr. Chris for helping me be as healthy as I can be.

Shannon L

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