Chiropractic Evaluations

At Lehmann Chiropractic, we want all our patients to feel comfortable and at ease in our office. Your first trip to the chiropractor might be nerve-wracking or seem a bit intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. Here is some general information to help you prepare for your first visit.

A Thorough Evaluation

Your first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation and consultation, followed by X-Rays to determine the current condition of your spine. First, we will conduct a questionnaire about your symptoms as well as your overall medical history. This information will help us tailor future treatments to your unique needs.

Help Us Understand Your Pain

Chances are, you may have decided to visit a chiropractor because you have ongoing pain or discomfort. We will ask you to indicate where you are experiencing discomfort by marking areas on a drawing of the human body. Then, will ask you about this pain to try to get a better idea what may be causing it and to decide what treatments may help alleviate it.

We Are Here for You

At Lehmann Chiropractic, we never want our patients to experience any anxiousness or worry when coming to our office. We will never conduct any services without first making sure you understand exactly what will be happening. Offering ethical, caring chiropractic care is what we do, and we always want you to feel good about your treatment.

If you have any questions about what to expect from a visit to our office, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to showing you how much better life can be with natural, chiropractic care as part of your overall health and wellness routine.

Amazing chiropractor who’s not only well educated, passionate and dedicated but every bit warm and inviting. If you find that you’re back is in need of a home, look no further you’re home! Thanks to Dr. Lehmann you simply won’t find better!

Micah W.

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