Chiropractic care is a useful tool for treating patients of all ages. Expectant mothers, young children and even babies can benefit from treatments.

Techniques used on infants, children and expectant mothers are adjusted to meet the needs of the individual. At Lehmann Chiropractic, we treat a variety of conditions for family and pediatric patients.


Birth trauma can affect both mothers and babies. Babies may experience misalignments as they emerge from the womb, and mothers may experience hormone shifts and pain as they recover from a long or difficult labor.

Chiropractic care can help mothers and infants during the postpartum phase. Spinal adjustments help regulate the central nervous system and restore balance to a mother’s hormones and can loosen tight muscles and encourage healing in newborns.


Colic is a condition that causes fluctuating pain in the abdomen due to gas or intestinal obstruction that affects babies in the first few months of life.

Though the exact cause of colic is unknown, it is thought that excessive stimulation of an immature nervous system could be to blame. This over stimulation can often lead to anxiousness and frequent crying.

Regular chiropractic visits can ease colic symptoms by treating the problem at its source. Chiropractic care addresses this problem through targeted adjustments that ease discomfort and soothe irritated nerves to help calm the nervous system.


Babies and young children frequently experience digestive issues. These problems can be attributed to everything from diet and nutrition to mixed signals from the brain. At Lehmann Chiropractic, we combat this problem using a variety of methods. Spinal adjustments help regulate the body’s digestive processes and hormones, which can in turn lead to better overall digestion. Nutrition counseling also helps young families learn to avoid foods that could be contributing to digestive problems.


Ear infections are a common ailment in babies and young children. Infections occur because the position of drainage tubes relative to their ears can lead to a buildup of bacteria and pressure.

The team at Lehmann Chiropractic, specializes in chiropractic adjustments that can help aid drainage and prevent future infections.


Chiropractic care can help achieve general wellness for both children and their parents. Regular spinal adjustments, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle advice can help young families maintain good health and avoid common illnesses. For a family consultation or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 803-816-0034 or fill out our contact form.

I seriously miss having Dr. Lehmann as my chiropractor. His compassionate care and wise counsel were always a blessing. God Bless you Chris!

Lew M.

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