Seniors can benefit immensely from holistic chiropractic wellness care, as well as customized, targeted chiropractic treatments. For seniors, chiropractic care and regular spinal adjustments can help to relieve pain, increase range of motion, and align and strengthen the body. At Lehmann Chiropractic, we help seniors rejuvenate and renew their bodies while focusing on increased mobility and overall wellness.

How Chiropractic Care Improves Senior Living

Chiropractic care can relieve a variety of symptoms in senior patients, including nerve, muscle and joint pain and even some neurological symptoms, while gently correcting musculoskeletal misalignment in the spine and throughout the body. With expert, personalized care, we help our senior chiropractic patients live a better, healthier and more independent life.

Lehmann Chiropractic Offers Senior Patients Treatment for:

  • Falls or injuries: After an injury, seniors worry about banishing pain and restoring their body to the best possible health and mobility. We work with patients to improve muscle strength and body balance, so they can move as freely as possible without pain. We help seniors get back to doing the things they enjoy with confidence and comfort.
  • Arthritis: Although we treat arthritis in both younger and older patients, during senior years, arthritis requires more attention to preserve movement, treat pain, and ease stiffness. Achieving proper bodily alignment through chiropractic adjustments helps senior patients strengthen key muscles around arthritis-damaged joints.
  • Past injuries: Old injuries that have not healed completely or correctly, can cause scar tissue to form. We can improve strength and movement through chiropractic treatment to give seniors relief from long-term pain to help them move more freely and feel better than they have in years.
  • Back pain and neck pain: Common throughout life, these issues typically worsen with age and can even become debilitating. With regular chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and muscle strengthening, seniors can avoid crippling conditions and maximize their ability to move freely with minimal pain.
  • General wellness: Seniors need care that focuses on them individually and is based on their physical capacity and range of movement. Chiropractic care can empower them to get stronger, both physically and emotionally. We work to provide and enable the best possible daily lives for our senior patients.

Lehmann Chiropractic offers a variety of senior-focused chiropractic services, aimed at rejuvenation and rehabilitation. To learn more or make an appointment, contact us today!

Dr. Chris Lehmann was my family’s Chiropractor for over 10 years in Traverse City. I would see him on an as needed basis and regularly scheduled checkups for my entire family. We were all healthier, happier, and stronger as a result. BEST Chiropractor ever. Two thumbs up!

Mark W.

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