About Lehmann Chiropractic

Lehmann Chiropractic is dedicated to chiropractic care and spinal health, serving everyone from families and athletes to seniors. Patients of all ages living in Chapin, South Carolina and surrounding areas come to Lehmann Chiropractic to find relief for neck and back discomfort and pain as well as to find a pathway to wellness through chiropractic’s natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

Founded by Dr. Chris Lehmann and his wife, Shannon, Lehmann Chiropractic offers patients ethical and comprehensive chiropractic care backed by over 25 years of experience.

The Lehmanns moved to Chapin from Traverse City, Michigan to be closer to family and wanted to provide their community with chiropractic care. Dr. Lehmann evaluates and corrects nerve and muscular-related issues as well as a variety of other conditions to promote general health and wellness through chiropractic care.

Their brand new office in Chapin is filled with state-of-the-art equipment to offer patients the very best experience. Dr. Lehmann provides patients with a variety of services including consultations, X-rayschiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, (coming soon) and more.

Lehmann Chiropractic is now accepting patients and is located at 425C Lexington Ave. Chapin, SC 29036. Stop by or contact us today to begin your journey to feeling better through natural care.

I was suffering for years from compression in the discs in my neck. I would get to the point that I couldn’t even move my neck form side to side and I had numbness and tingling in my right hand. The symptoms were becoming constant. Being in the construction field I knew that my employment would eventually have to stop. I saw Dr. Lehmann and he said, “I can help you”. In just a few treatments my range of motion was restored, and I ha feeling in my fingers. Also, my balance, strength, and endurance are greatly improved. Dr. Lehmann has given me my life back without medicine or surgery.

Robert L.

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