About Lehmann Chiropractic

Lehmann Chiropractic is dedicated to chiropractic care and spinal health, serving everyone from families and athletes to seniors. Patients of all ages living in Chapin, South Carolina and surrounding areas come to Lehmann Chiropractic to find relief for neck and back discomfort and pain as well as to find a pathway to wellness through chiropractic’s natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

Founded by Dr. Chris Lehmann and his wife, Shannon, Lehmann Chiropractic offers patients ethical and comprehensive chiropractic care backed by over 25 years of experience.

The Lehmanns moved to Chapin from Traverse City, Michigan to be closer to family and wanted to provide their community with chiropractic care. Dr. Lehmann evaluates and corrects nerve and muscular-related issues as well as a variety of other conditions to promote general health and wellness through chiropractic care.

Their brand new office in Chapin is filled with state-of-the-art equipment to offer patients the very best experience. Dr. Lehmann provides patients with a variety of services including consultations, X-rayschiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, (coming soon) and more.

Lehmann Chiropractic is now accepting patients and is located at 425C Lexington Ave. Chapin, SC 29036. Stop by or contact us today to begin your journey to feeling better through natural care.

Three years ago, I was a broken man and then I met Dr. Lehmann. I agonized at the thought of putting my boots on in the morning, much less actually doing it because my back hurt so bad. I went to a family doctor 4 years before seeing Dr. Lehmann (7 years ago). He took X-Rays, said everything looked good, gave me some pain pills and muscle relaxers, and sent me on my way. When the pills ran out and the pain didn’t stop, I went to another family doctor who wanted to do an MRI this time and warned that back surgery was probably in my future. I know people who had back surgery and ended up worse than before and suffered through great depression as a result. I had nightmares about being cripple in my 30’s with three young kids. I lost weight to make sure it wasn’t the extra pounds over the years making it worse. No success. I was now at the point of not being able to sleep because of the pain. I was hopeless. Then one day at work, a colleague saw the pain in my eyes and told me the success he had using a chiropractor. First number that popped up on my internet search was Dr. Lehmann. I left him a message and he called back 5 minutes later apologizing that he didn’t pick up when I called because he was with another patient. He heard the pain and desperation in my voice and brought me in that day. He started with X-Rays and I shook my head because I already knew that wasn’t going to work, but I was wrong! He took a few minutes and pointed out what he saw were the obvious sources of my pain and then said “It’s going to take some time to get you where you should be, but we can stop this and I can give you some relief today.” I couldn’t believe it. What? Today? Then he did, right there, that day. Tears filled my eyes because I now had hope and the nightmare was over. I lived with this pain for as long as I could remember and unlike a fine wine, it did not get better with age. God answered a prayer by putting Dr. Lehmann in my life and I can’t thank either of them enough.

David P.

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